Yoga Ski and Yoga Tennis - Fitness and Performance Enhancing Exercises on DVD
Sports Yoga TENNIS
  • Power Workout
  • Stretching
  • On-the-Court Warm-Up
  • “Tips with the Pro?with USPTA, USTA-SS pro Adam Brewer

A Total-body conditioning program to improve your tennis fitness and performance.

Sports Yoga SKI
  • Power Workout
  • Stretching
  • Before-the-slopes Warm-Up
  • Ski montages with footage from Warren Miller Entertainment

A Total-body conditioning program to improve your ski fitness and performance.

Sports Yoga is for anyone who desires the strengthening and stretching benefits of yoga. Many athletes integrate yoga into their fitness routine, enjoying the power and flexibility that yoga adds to their performance. In the SportsYoga series, instructor Billy Asad guides you through a series of yoga routines to help improve your skiing or tennis fitness.

Sports Yoga SKI delivers a yoga based power workout that enhances balance, strengthens key skiing muscles, and develops lower body endurance for improved performance on the slopes.  The stretching sequence is a great way to unwind after a day of skiing, or as an everyday routine to loosen up tight muscles and gain flexibility.  In Sports Yoga Ski, instructor Billy Asad also demonstrates a series of pre-slopes yoga stretches to loosen you up before your day of skiing.  The broad range of benefits from repetitive practice of Sports Yoga SKI will carry over into whatever other sports you may also enjoy.

Sports Yoga TENNIS provides a total-body yoga-based workout, with an emphasis on improving upper body flexibility and strength.  You’ll loosen up your shoulders and back to help your overall tennis game, and lengthen your tight leg muscles so you can get to low volleys and reach those passing shots.

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