This DVD has everything a tennis player needs to gain total body strength as well as flexibility in areas like the quadriceps, hamstrings, back, and shoulders, where tennis players tend to tighten up.
Sarah Unke, Health and Fitness Editor

Sports Yoga Tennis

You’ll really feel the love with Sports Yoga Tennis. Whether you’re a pro or novice, your game will greatly improve with these yoga-inspired asanas performed center court. Carefully conceived segments demonstrate belly breathing for improved focus: a warm-up incorporates crescent pose and torso twist for injury prevention; a power vinyasa workout will increase your overhead range-of-motion in the tightest of shoulders; and pro tennis tips will help you understand the mind-body connection that will enable you think on your feet in order to hit better, move faster and plan your strategy while keeping a cool head. —Heidi Dvorak

Sports Yoga Ski

Warrior lunges, chair, plank and down dog never served a more practical purpose than in Sports Yoga Ski. The challenging series of poses will fire up your muscles, readying you for a taxing cross-country or downhill experience. You’ll learn how to gradually build inner heat with practiced belly breathing, fire up your core in with dynamic flowing movements, and build strength in your knees, hip flexors and quads with progressive balance poses, and train your thoughts to center on your sport. All this, and a fireside workout to boot. —Heidi Dvorak

Sports Yoga Tennis has all the tools - strength, power, flexibility - to take you from love to match point to winner. If you don't want to leave the slopes in a cast, get your body in shape with Sports Yoga Ski.
Desonta Holder, The Miami Herald

Regular practice of either Sports Yoga Tennis or Sports Yoga Skiing will help athletes show heightened endurance, strength and control on the tennis court and the ski slopes. The active-stretch component of the yoga will increase flexibility, while the element of deep, controlled breathing should show up as greater lung capacity. - Rhonda Owen

“....a great workout and stretching routine to enhance your ski conditioning ...”
Steve Bellamy, Founder, The Ski Channel


Fit Find--Mountain mode--Here's something to pack for mountain trips along with your skis, boots, poles and helmet: "Billy Asad's Sports Yoga Ski". The disc features 51 minutes of warm-up, core workout, lower-body stamina, abs- and back-strengthening and release poses. Also included are apres-ski stretching exercises. Asad is a Los Angeles-based yoga teacher who has been featured on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club.

Rocky Mountain Magazine
Yoga for Skiers--Keep yourself in shape with the Sports Yoga Ski workout. To really get you in a ski frame of mind, ski montages from Warren Miller are interspersed.

Who is it for?

“Skiers, of course, but also anyone whose choice of sport emphasizes their core and lower body. The routine is easy enough for Yoga beginners.”
What to expect:
"I know enough about it to know which muscles take the brunt of this winter sport: your core, your quads and their opposing muscles, the hamstrings. Asad's routine addresses each of these. Those who already have a regular Yoga practice may not find this challenging enough, since the poses aren't held for very long. But skiers (and snowboarders, too) who rarely venture onto a Yoga mat will appreciate this workout — it's not too long and targets exactly the areas that are important to you. The before and after ski Yoga routines are an extra-added bonus.”

Billy Asad caters to the need of athletes in Sports Yoga Ski and Sports Yoga Tennis. -Kate Jackson

New Living Magazine:
Billy Asad offers athletes various levels of workout in Sports Yoga SKI and Sports Yoga TENNIS. A great way to get in shape and power up your game.

Healthwise Magazine:
Sports Yoga offers the total body conditioning for athletes. Warm up for the slopes with Sports Yoga Ski!

While I do work out, I don't do sports. So I wasn't hugely excited about these SportsYoga DVDs when they arrived. But then I popped one in and realized that I could just look at Billy Asad's rippled arms. Yum. Seriously though, I passed them on to my parents who both ski and play tennis, and they thought they were really cool. And my dad has never done Yoga in his life. So here you go, a way to get your man to do Yoga and to look at bulgy biceps. Available in Tennis and Ski